Theatre-Hikes™ Colorado

Originally founded in Chicago in 2001, Theatre-Hikes™ expanded out West for its Colorado premiere in Boulder in 2009! We are currently in our fifth season out West and are continuing our mission of combing the arts and the outdoors in various venues throughout the state.

When you come to a Theatre-Hikes™ performance you are greeted by our Hike Leader. This Hike Leader will guide you along a moderate level hike to the first scene of our show. You will sit for a bit and enjoy and then pick up your seats, blankets etc and hike to the next scene, and so on.

Theatre-Hikes Colorado 2015 Season

Little Red

Little Red and Her Feisty Friends by Patti Murtha
June/July 2015

Zombie Apocalypse

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Don Zolidis
September/October 2015

Visiting Chicago? Enjoy a Theatre-Hikes™ production there as well. Click the logo for more information on the original Theatre-Hikes™ in Chicago.